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Zeta White is a natural skin whitening cream that promises to reduce dark spots and evens out uneven skin tone. Our face is the first look of our appearance, and when a person has dull or dark skin, they somehow fail to have attractive looks. There could be many reasons why a person suffers from dark spots or uneven skin tone, like age, sun exposure, pollution, dehydration, and many more.

The manufacturer of Zeta White Review targets the root cause of the problem and helps a user have bright and glowing skin. Not only this, Zeta White is for the whole body, for elbows, knees and more. The product is full of organic ingredients, which reduces dark spots and lightens the skin tone.


Recent studies related to appearance, says that no collagen production and no hydration of the skin leads to many skin woes. The most common skin woe is dark spots and uneven skin tone. When a person is having more sun exposure, have acne-prone skin tend to have more dark spots. Apart from this, the age factor is the main problem that many women face regarding their appearance. When a woman reaches their old age, their skin starts losing its moisture, and there would be less collagen production, when there is a low level of collagen, it does not give brightening skin tone and leads to many skin woes like wrinkles, freckles, pigmentation and more.

Zeta White Review is proved to best bleaching cream, an entirely organic product that does not have any destructive impact on the skin. It works as a substitute of bleaches available in the market and full of chemicals, unlike bleaches Zeta White Review enhances your looks by giving you lighter and brighter skin.


According to Manufacturers of Zeta White , it is one of the best lightening creams that does not contain any chemicals or harmful ingredients. By using this cream, a user can experience bright and light skin complexion. If you are wondering, is the cream suitable for dry skin, yes, the cream is ideal for all skin types. Whether you have dry skin or oily skin, you can get rid of dark spots with Zeta White Review cream’s help.

Similar to bleaches, it helps in lightening the dark patches and helps in achieving better skin complexion. It is a sensitive skin cream that works well for even the darkest spots on sensitive skin. The cream will enable a user to have radiant and fair complexion by applying the cream regularly.

The cream comprises all-natural ingredients and full of fruit extracts. When we compare it with other lightening creams, they contain alcohol or other harmful substances. Zeta White is a vegan-friendly product that does not contain any alcohol or chemicals. The ingredients present in Zeta White are papaya extract, lemon extract, Liquorice extract, Allantoin and Stearic acid.

Papaya Extract present in zeta White is responsible for removing all dead skin cells. It brightens the complexion; on the other hand, the lemon extract is an excellent Vitamin C source, ensuring a reduction in dark spots. When there is more melanin in the skin, it becomes hard to reduce dark spots, but Lemon Extract’s help in Zeta White Review the melanin production is reduced naturally. Along with melanin management, Zeta White is responsible for increasing the skin cells’ water content, as the essential ingredient Allantoin is a hydrating component of the product. All elements together help in removing dead cells and renewing the skin tone.

The tried and tested ingredients of Zeta White  include Liquorice extract, a well-known ingredient for its skin whitening properties and evens the complexion. Researchers have said, the elements present in Zeta White will show their best results when they are continuously used for a minimum of three weeks. The formula needs time to work in the skin cells to brighten skin without any dark spots.

Zeta White has become popular among people who wants to get rid of dark spots and a dark complexion. The manufacturer ensures, this powerful blend of organic ingredients help to have a lighter skin tone and removes all dead and dirt skin cells. The cream also provides essential nourishment to the skin cells, for soft and supple skin without any dark spots.

Zeta White cream is successful and effective bleaching cream. The manufacturer provides 100 days money-back guarantee, and they claim that there are no side effects of applying the cream. It is an excellent product present and available in the United Kingdom. The ingredients used in this formula ensures safety and purity. The manufacturer also makes the product unique by offering lifetime guarantee. Zeta White is a formula that promises to give you skin without any dark spots. It is worth a try for your next skin lightning process. Zeta White is the best recommendation when it is compared with other bleaching creams.

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How to Make Your Skin White Naturally

Skin darkening may be due to several factors including extreme exposure to the sun, medication’s side effects, underlying medical condition, poor and unbalanced diet, hereditary issues, and even stress or depression. Some may not find it pleasant to have this skin condition, thus they are trying to find the easiest and most effective ways on how to achieve a lighter and glowing skin. There are over-the-counter products and remedies that can be used, however, it should be carefully checked as it may contain chemicals that are harmful to the skin. Instead, regular skin care practices and natural products are highly recommended in order to have that beautiful, youthful, and whiter skin.

How to Whiten Skin Naturally?

The glow and radiance of the skin can be achieved through simple yet effective ways. Before using any recommended natural home remedies, you can first regularly practice these skin care habits.

1. Limit the sun exposure

The body needs exposure to the sun to be able to produce vitamin D, which is essential in bone health and other bodily functions. However, you should not completely expose yourself for long as it may lead to several health problems, as well as dark skin.

  • Always use sunblock, with high SPF, to effectively block the UV sun rays and prevent skin darkening and skin diseases.
  • Use hats with wide brims to protect your face, neck, and shoulders against too much exposure from the sun.
  • Wear clothes that can cover a big portion of your body, such as long-sleeved shirts and pants. During summer, choose clothes with cool and flowy fabrics for more comfort.

2. Exfoliate the skin

Exfoliation is an essential habit that will brighten your skin, especially for the face. This will help you get rid of the dead skin cell.

  • Use gentle body scrubs that are commonly composed of salt or sugar. Be sure to apply gently in a circular motion to prevent damages especially in fragile areas.
  • Polish the skin by using a dry brush, made from natural fibers, to remove the dead skin cells.

3. Keep the skin moisturized

How to whiten skin? Moisturizing should be given emphasis since daily usage of moisturizers can brighten the skin. These will also prevent the dryness which is the main contributor of skin darkening.

  • Creamy moisturizers should be chosen due to its lack of alcohol which only increases the rate of dryness of the skin.
  • Moisturizers that are made of oil work wonders to the skin by making it look glowing and young. Some of the most common oils used include coconut oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, and olive oil.


4. Know what to avoid

For answering how to whiten skin, other than the skin care measures and natural remedies, you should also know the things that should be avoided to prevent further skin irritations and damages.

  • Avoid dangerous products. Never use products with harmful chemicals, such as ammonia and bleach, since they cause long-term damages including darker skin.ZataWhite is not one of them. You can check this out.
  • Avoid false beauty standards. Never be pressured by the standards of other people or society. Accept who you are and embrace what you have.

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Is There A Weight Loss Pill That Actually Works?

Gaining weight constantly can be the worst nightmare for anyone. On the other hand, despite of eating processed food, everyone desires to have a healthy-looking slim body. As a consequence, millions of people are searching for weight loss pills that really work.

Keeping this mind, after an immense amount of research, we have found a legit weight loss supplement named PhenGold. More than 190,000 people have been using it. Let’s dig into the details of PhenQ weight loss review.

What Is PhenQ?

PhenQ is a weight loss supplement, which is made from 100% natural and safe ingredients. It has a unique and powerful slimming formula that burns extra calories from your body in just five months. However, only taking PhenQ will not give you the expected result. You have to maintain a healthy eating lifestyle. The consistent ingredients in PhenQ will boost your fat-burning process. Let’s get to know the active ingredients.

What Are The Main Ingredients In PhenQ Dietary Supplement?

Each pill of PhenQ is made with a combination of 5 different natural ingredients. Let’s know those ingredients and their benefits.

Capsimax Powder

It is mainly a blend of capsicum extract and Piperine extract (comes from black pepper). Besides, the mix consists of niacin (vitamin B3) and caffeine. Now, you may ask, what are the benefits of this blend?

The thermogenic properties that come from this blend increase your body heat, which leads to burning body fat. Additionally, it may stop growing new fat cells.

Chromium Picolinate

Chromium is an essential natural mineral, which helps to control the blood sugar level in the body. Chromium also reduces the extra sugar and carbs craving.


If you are a coffee lover, you should know how caffeine helps boost your mental energy. Besides, it also turns on the body’s metabolism and speeds up the fat-burning process with the help of other ingredients.

Nopal Cactus

Nopal Cactus has many health benefits, such as antiviral, antioxidants, protects nerve cells, regulates blood sugar, etc. In the case of weight loss, the fiber consumed from Nopal Cactus can work as filler in your stomach. It eventually reduces weight through fluid retention from your body.


It is an amino acid extracted from the nut, green vegetable, and red meats, which convert the body fats into energy.

Besides these five main ingredients, PhenQ also has calcium carbonate, Magnesium Stearate, and Sipernat 225.

How Does PhenQ Work Toward Weight Loss?

With the help of all the ingredients we have talked earlier, PhenQ fat burner works in five ways. Firstly, it boosts the body’s metabolic and thermogenic rates that trigger the fat-burning process. Then, it stops further fat production. After that, it reduces hunger and craving for the food.

In the fourth step, PhenQ converts those burned fats into energy, so that you will not feel weak due to sudden weight loss. Finally, it ensures a fresh mood as you see the result.

Side Effects Of PhenQ

Till now, you have read all the helpful effects. However, it has nearly zero cons because of all the natural ingredients. The caffeine may cause overstimulation, which may have arisen issues with sleeping. Besides, persons with preexisting health issues should discuss with a medical expert before taking it. Having said that, pregnant women should not take PhenQ as it may cause problems for the baby.

Why PhenQ Is So Effective?

PhenGold comes from all the natural ingredients that are a source of Alpha-lipoic acid (a-lacy reset). Studies find that Alpha-lipoic acid breakdown the carbohydrates and convert that to energy. In addition to that, caffeine and pepper extract are two of the best natural fat burners. All of these make PhenQ as one of the best weight loss supplements.


Since PhenQ is made from natural ingredients, it is safe for almost everyone. Besides, PhenQ is a reputed brand with thousands of positive reviews along with adequate scientific backing. Whether you are a bodybuilder or athlete or a regular fitness enthusiast, you can take PhenQ without hesitation.

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How To Lose Weight For Women Over 40?

Are you exhausted being a butterball or struggling to do those extreme workouts daily? Well, it’s time to make a fresh restart and win the game with PhenGold. It is the easiest and market proved solution to get the dream shape you always craved.

Indeed, this escape plan from overweight is mainly for adults since, within the age range, it’s harder and takes more dedication to shape your body. So, without further ado, let’s start with the fitness forensics of how to lose weight for women over 40.

Why PhenQ is the Most Effective Routine for Losing Weight

Unlike any weight loss pill, PhenQ works from multiple angles. As a result, it burns fat and cuts your weight significantly in less time. Let’s find out how it develops your body transformation within 90 days.

Say “Bye” To Excessive Fat

As the study proved, turning up the body heat can significantly burn your fat, which is the first requirement to get you in perfect shape. The blend of Piperine and capsicum inside PhenQ ensures the demand appropriately. Always working thermogenic properties of these two ingredients increase body heat and burn fat noticeably. On the contrary, the other elements, such as caffeine, boost up the burning speed.

Conquer Your Appetite

There is no doubt, too much carving is the prime culprit and strikes you to eat more than you should, which ends up you with over-weight. You want to stop, but it’s tough to control, right? For those foodies, PhenQ is just like a blessing.

Remember, having a sound blood-sugar level suppresses your cravings. When there is no sugar balance, your cells can’t produce the right energy. It’s the reason you start craving.

The smooth calorie-cutting formula of PhenQ controls your appetite by maintain the proper sugar level and delivering the energy your body needs. So, neither you feel cravings nor overeat.

No More Welcome To New Fat

When dieting for losing weight, it is essential to dodge gaining weight as well. During the dieting course, many WeightWatchers find no changes at all due to constant weight gain, even after a long period. Thanks to the Piperine in PhenQ’s formula that fights against the new fat formation.

Relish A Calm Mind

Maximum women suffering from overweight when entering a strict diet routine, often feel cranky. It is because your body identifies the sudden scarcity of vital properties that it needs. Losing your weight becomes much easier with PhenQ since it turns the fat into energy and increases muscle mass. Thus, tiredness never comes in your way. Getting yourself slim was never that much pleasing.

No Side Effects

PhenQ is backed by science yet included with only natural ingredients. The supplement is permitted by the FDA (The Food and Drug Administration.) More than 190,000 WeightWatchers praise it without any proof of bad experience rather than weight loss. But yes, women who are pregnant or under any medication course should start PhenGold after consulting a doctor.

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How To Lose Up To 30 lbs In One Month?

The title may have raised your eyebrows to the sky but it’s not really impossible to lose about 30 lbs in a month with some strategies. It’s challenging and may take some more time to lose 30 pounds safely if you can just stick to a healthy diet and a few changes in your lifestyle.

Here are a few strategies that will help you to reach near the goal in a month or some more and at the end an effective(or, should I say magical?) weight loss pill, PhenGold that will make your way shorter.

1. Eating habit

Reduce your daily calorie intake

Take nutrients enriched protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals from fruits, veggies, legumes, whole grains, meat, fish, and poultry that will make you feel full easily between two meals.

A low carb diet will reduce your appetite and body weight noticeably improving your metabolic health altogether.

For practical and sustainable weight loss, try to reduce 500–750 calories from your daily intake (taking daily at least 1200 calories for women and 1500 calories for men) to lose 1–2 pounds weight per week.

Say potato chips, cookies, frozen meals, sugar, pastry goodbye! Curb on processed foods, soft drinks, soda that lack nutrients but fuel to obesity.

Eat more protein and healthy fats

Fill your plate with more protein (meat, fish, poultry, eggs, dairy, beans, legumes, tofu, tempeh, etc.) that will reduce ghrelin which is responsible for remembering that you’re hungry! Take more fiber (from fruits, veggies, whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, etc.) that will absorb water and pacify your stomach for a longer time.

Drink water as much as you can

Taking water before a meal will stimulate your weight loss process reducing calorie intake in your body.

Take Caffeine 

Besides refreshing, tea, coffee boost your metabolism that helps to lose weight.

Eat slowly

Eating slowly will deceive your stomach making you feel full thus taking less food.

2. Lifestyle

Change your lifestyle along with your diet chart.


Try to practice some cardio exercise (Walking, jogging, biking, swimming, cycling, hiking, etc.) if you want to reach your goal of losing 30 pounds at the earliest. With its handful of health benefits Cardio increases your heart rate that burns the extra calories, helps to control your appetite, and stimulates your mood.

Resistance training

Resistance training (like lifting weights) is another type of exercise that will help you to lose weight along with numerous health benefits. In this process, you gain muscle and your body burns calories when it’s at rest while you are recharged with more stamina during the dieting period.


Regular high-intensity interval training (like jumping rope, push-ups, high jumps, burpees, etc.) for about 3 months will reduce your belly fat, total fat mass, and body weight noticeably.

Enough sleep

During sleeping, the metabolic processes work which in turn keep the body healthy and energetic and the balance of leptin and ghrelin control the feelings of appetite. 7-8 hours of sleep at night will decrease the production of ghrelin and the chance of obesity significantly.

So, as I’ve said, now I’ll introduce you to an effective product that will boost up your weight loss goal at a great speed.

So, what does PhenGold actually do?

  • Burn the fat that you’ve put on your body so long by stimulating the body’s metabolic and thermogenic process and expose the beauty of your body
  • Reduce your hunger and food cravings to make your planned dieting easier,
  • Resist new fat production in the body and
  • Boost up your mood and stamina with some well-known ingredients to get your dream body without causing any side-effect on your mental health and temperament.

If you’ve already tried weight loss pills, you can see that this pill is an all-in-one solution rather than trying different products for different sides of weight loss. With over 190 thousand satisfied customers PhenQ promises you the body you’ve cherished all your life. And if you’re suspicious yet then the money-back guarantee option is always there for you!

So, if you’re wondering what are the magical elements in it or how scientific it is, here is the answer!

It includes-

  • Capsimax powder– which is essentially a blend of capsicum, Piperine, caffeine, and niacin that burns body fat by increasing your body heat naturally and resist the production of new fat cells.
  • Chromium Picolinate-A natural mineral that will restraint your craving for sugar by letting your blood cells absorb the maximum amount of sugar so that your craving for carb and sugar gets low which is the most uncontrollable practice that you face while dieting.
  • Caffeine- Stimulates, reduces fatigue, hunger, and appetite, burn fat by increasing body heat so loses weight as well as boosts up your mood.
  • Nopal– A cactus containing high fiber that reduces hunger effectively, amino acids giving more energy, reduce extra weight that you have got by fluid retention by balancing the hydration level that makes you light and active.
  • L-Carnitine Fumarate– an amino acid-producing natural element in your body turns the fat into energy thus helping to keep you energetic during dieting.

Therefore, turning your long-cherished dream into reality is just one step further from you! Shed all your frustration and sighs with the extra weight with PhenGold and enjoy a healthy and beautiful life!

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Diet Pill That Works Fast Without Exercise

Who doesn’t want to get a slim, fit, and healthy body? A proper diet and some exercise can give you that desired fitness. Although in today’s world, doing exercise is somehow tough for us, therefore PhenQ is beside you.

PhenGold is a powerful weight loss pills that will help you to get your desired figure without doing exercises. It contains sixty pills in one bottle. If you want the best result, you need to complete the full course as per the instructions.

How it works

PhenQ is a dieting formula, along with some weight loss benefits. It helps to decrease both body fat and weight simultaneously.

The pill contains Capsimax powder, Chromium Picolinate, and these are helpful for your body cells. The less sugar and carb cravings are proof of it.

On the other hand, other ingredients, Caffeine, and Nopal are an excellent source for your improving body performance.


Basically, it works like a pro to your body as it targets to lose your weight in five different ways. At first, it speeds up your fat-burning process by boosting the body’s metabolic.

Then the ingredients of the pill help your body to stop fat production.

At the same time, it also suppresses your appetite.

In the meantime, the energy-boosting ingredients of the pill recharge your body and improve your mood as well.

So, what’s your opinion about the pill?

Side effects

PhenGold contains caffeine. So, if your body is caffeine sensitive, on that point, it may show you some symptoms.

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Do Weight Loss Pills Affect Birth Control?

“Birth control and weight loss can not be friends.”

Do you believe in it too? Well, I won’t blame you for that. It is a common misconception among many women nowadays.

As a result, birth control has turned into a nightmare for women who love their lean figures. And, new mothers are avoiding weight-loss pills thinking it can hamper birth control.

It seems like a never-ending argument. But is there really any basis?

Let’s find out...

People with obesity (BMI 30 or more) take weight loss pills to increase their weight loss rate. It is not a substitute for exercise and diet. It simply keeps you less hungry or makes you full sooner.

Weight loss pills mostly contain Phentermine. It is famous for its appetite suppressing power. It keeps your hunger feelings down resulting in a low calory intake.

It makes sense. The fewer calory you take, the more your body uses its internal energy source to operate. And finally, you shed pounds.

You see, this mechanism can not interfere with your birth control. These pills work with your neurotransmitter. While birth control pills work with your hormones.

Though it is not the universal method for every weight-loss pill, the main idea remains the same.

Some pills reduce your body’s fat absorption rate. While some increase metabolism. It depends on which procedure works best for you.

While a birth control pill contains hormones like Estrogen and Progesterone. It means every time you take pills, you are adding extra hormones in your body.

It stops the egg from leaving the ovary and prevent ovulation. No ovulation means no eggs to fertilize resulting in a failed pregnancy.

It also thickens the cervix. This new thickness prevents sperms to reach the egg easily.

Now, it must be clear to you that weight loss pills can’t disturb the birth control procedures. Because most of them are just designed to reduce your hunger.

Yes, doctors indeed advise you to avoid certain medications during birth control. For example, antibiotics, anti-seizure medications, anti-fungal drugs, etc. Because these medications can make birth control less effective.

If you want more than regular pills that would work on your fats instead of just claiming, you can try PhenGold weight loss pills. It works on more than one weight-loss element (suppressing hunger, blocking fat production, burning calories, and so on). No more hunger cravings!!

Looks like a pretty good deal at an affordable price, right?

Now all of that being said, there are some factors to consider before taking any kind of weight loss pills.

  • Follow your doctor’s instructions.
  • Consider your other health issues.
  • Calculate your Body Mass Index and take medication accordingly.
  • Check your family’s medical history.

Final Thought

According to research, people with obesity (especially women) have a 55% greater risk of undergoing serious depression.

A fit body is a blessing. So, if your calculated BMI has crossed 27, start a healthy lifestyle. Right weight loss medications packed with regular exercise and a proper diet will help you to jump-start.

Hope you found this article useful.

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PhenGold – The Most Effective Weight Loss Pill at Your Hand! (Note: It’s PROVEN!)

If you are suffering from over-weight, I am sure you are already tired looking for and trying pills that promise you magical change overnight only to find out otherwise.

So, this weight loss pill review might make you suspicious but before you close your window tab, please hear it from someone who has been there in your shoes and done that AND GOT WHAT SHE WANTED! YES!

Here are the reasons why PhenGold is UNIQUE & EFFECTIVE, unlike other “magic” pills:

  1. PhenQ is made of ingredients like caffeine, vitamin B3, capsicum, and piperine which, according to clinical studies, have been proven to increase your body heat to burn more fat. Piperine can also prevent your body from creating new fat cells. AMAZING, right?
  2. PhenQ has Chromium Picolinate which excels at decreasing your craving for excessive sugar and carb. And VOILA! Your body starts controlling your craving. Hence, you start LOSING WEIGHT and your favorite dress starts FITTING!
  3. We often experience stress and acute hunger when we start taking weight loss pills. As a side effect, we start stress-eating or fail to control our hunger and so end up over eating. End of the day, we are back to square one. But when you take PhenQ, it makes sure that that does NOT happen. It has ingredients like caffeine and nopal which let you get a hold of your hunger and stay less stressed. They make you feel more energetic, lively, and focused. In a nutshell, you feel physically and mentally full of life throughout the process. ISN’T THAT A DREAM COME TRUE?
  4. Accompanied with all these elements, L-Carnitine Fumarate assists your body convert your fat to energy. In that case, your fat storage will decrease and that will also help you get rid of the sluggishness that you might get from eating vegetables, meat, and other food items.

I think this is all you need to know to take the most important decision of your life. Because this is what worked for me – facts and concrete information, validation backed up by science and authentic studies.

But if it is still not enough for you, there are other thousands of people who were as doubtful as you at first. Ask them how they eventually took the decision!

After all those futile trials with different things, there’s this ONE life changing formula to give you a purely healthy life, putting an end to your struggles with weight. You are just a simple decision away from the most amazing phase of your life! So stop thinking! You know enough now.

Order PhenGold. Take it regularly. See the most positive outcome for yourself.

N.B. As I said already, it is not a magic pill. It takes more than 2 months to gain actual change. So, while you are eagerly waiting for the change, you have to be practical. But trust me, the wait is TOTALLY WORTH IT!

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Are Diet Pills Good For Weight Loss?

For weight loss, people tend to do any task or take supplements. You will find different types of weight solutions like natural supplements, drugs, and pills. Now the question is, are diet pills good for weight loss?

Yes, it is useful when you take the pills that are approved by the Food and Drug Administration. These pills come with safe and effective results.

How Safe Are The Diet Pills?

A diet pill is a product that you can take orally. The interesting fact is that the pills help to lose weight and provide the nutrition that we skip in our daily meal. These pills contain supplements like enzymes, minerals, vitamins, herbs, organ products, and glandular extracts. These supplements not only help in losing weight but it also-

  • Helps in gaining weight
  • Restoring nutrients
  • Improves the eyesight
  • Boosts energy
  • It helps to have a sound sleep.

How Do The Pills Work In Your Body?

If you think of taking diet pills, you have to know what benefits you will get from it. This will boost up your confidence. These diet pills come in different forms like teas, liquids, powders, and capsules. You can take them with a meal or instead of a meal. These pills stimulate the metabolism and utilize the energy for the body. When you take a pill, your body can:

  • Cut the food cravings
  • Don’t feel so much hungry.
  • Boost the metabolism
  • Slow down fat production
  • Less absorb the food fat

What Are The Harmful Effect Of Diet Pills?

The pills are safe, but sometimes your body gets affected by different side effects because all body is not the same. If you feel the below problems after taking the weight loss pills, then immediately stop taking them. The problems are:

  • Rectal bleeding
  • High blood pressure
  • Diarrhea
  • Kidney problems
  • Liver damage
  • Insomnia
  • Increased heart rate.

How To Take The Diet Pills Properly?

You have to seek advice from a nutritionist before choosing a weight loss pill. Because you do not know what your body wants or how much fat is right for you or how many pills you have to take daily. The excessive and unplanned dose is hazardous for your health.

You will be at risk of stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure, and the list goes on.  So be smart and cautious while taking this pill as, in the end, it is right for you and your body.


I think you have already got your answer to the question – are diet pills good for weight loss? It is totally up to you whether you want to depend on the pills or work hard to lose weight naturally. If you insist on taking the diet pills, then check with your dietitian.

If you ask me, then I will recommend PhenGold diet pills that are now one of the most popular diet pills among all the weight loss pills. Check the diet pill if it works for you or not.

Top 5 Safe Weight Loss Supplements

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How Effective Are Weight Loss Supplements?

Many debates are going on about weight loss supplements and to be honest, most of them are bogus. There so many different kinds of weight loss supplements all over the internet that it is difficult to decide which one works and which one doesn’t.

In this article, we would talk about how effective they are and if they are really worth the heavy prices that you pay for.

Top 5 Safe Weight Loss Supplements

Different Types of Weight Loss Supplements & How They Work?

The mechanism of action of weight loss supplements can vary depending on the type. Different types of weight loss supplements have different effects on the human body. Some of the popular weight loss supplements, their mechanism of action, and their effectiveness are reviewed below.

Appetite Suppressants

One of the most popular types of weight loss supplements is Appetite Suppressants which works by reducing our appetite for food which helps us to eat less and reduce our weight. 

Effectiveness: Appetite suppressors like PhenGoldcan start working in the first two weeks but the brain adjusts to the new levels and it doesn’t remain effective after eight weeks.

L – Carnitine 

Another type of popular weight loss supplement is L – Caritinine which works by increasing the fat burning process in our body. It can be effective if you intake it when you are working out regularly. 

Effectiveness: L-Carnitine can reduce up to 5 pounds of weight within 3 months. This has been found when a study was done on 11 people.

Fat Blockers

Fat Blockers work by not allowing the fats in our body to be dissolved into glycerol and fatty acids. Fat Blockers work by binding with lipase which is required to bind with fats so it can be dissolved.

Effectiveness: Some studies found that Fat Blockers like Orlistat can reduce weight by 6 pounds.


CLA is also another rare weight loss supplement that works by increasing the metabolism in our body. It increases the intake of fatty acids in our body which we can’t get in enough quantities from natural sources.

Effectiveness: CLA had been seen to reduce 0.1 kg of weight per week. The process of weight loss continued up to 6 months after it stopped showing any effect.

How Costly Are They?

Weight loss supplements can be pretty costly and most of them cost on average $40. The price increases when the brands are popular and more people are buying them. 

The prices add up quickly as all of them are required to take for a longer duration. Even if they work they could leave your wallet pretty empty and these magic pills are definitely expensive.

My Honest Opinion

I am usually very skeptical about the effectiveness of weight loss supplements but time and again you hear stories about people losing weight miraculously after intaking many of the weight loss pills.

If you are not lazy and want to lose weight by working out and changing your diet that is much more natural than popping pills. However, if you lazy and want to get quick results then the weight loss pills can be your perfect answer.  

Top 5 Safe Weight Loss Supplements

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